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Welcome to MVP-HELP for Windows

MVP's are Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals. The award is given to those who show outstanding achievements, in a voluntary capacity in the Internet/Microsoft communities. I got started as a Malware Removal expert, later becoming a Staff member (Global Moderator) and author of the Windows Security Checklist at CastleCops. Microsoft had awarded me MVP from 2006 to 2009. I was not awarded again in 2010, largely due to some serious illness suffered in 2009.

CastleCops also helped myself and Nancy Altholz to research and write a book called "Rootkits For Dummies" via Wiley Publishing Ltd, 2007. It came out the same day as Windows Vista. Unfortunately, CastleCops closed its doors sometime ago. I had been there for six years.

A lot of people valued the help of the CastleCops Staff, most of whom became MVPs. The core staff created their own web site where you can still get their expert help at The forums for Rootkits help moved there, along with the authors and researchers of "Rootkits For Dummies."

I formerly decided to re-publish the Windows Security Checklist, with updates and some edits. It was a comprehensive work of over thirty articles on how to improve and maintain Windows security, written in plain English. You may find some of these in my Blog as I got them done. Thanks for viewing. **I play a lot of different videogames both on and offline. I have tips for improving your computer security while still having fun.