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About Me - I love to write!

I got started in computer and Internet security in a serious manner back in 2000, as a member at Becky's and later Wilders Security Forums. I helped develop the Gladiator Security Forums before landing at CastleCops (formerly known as ComputerCops). At CastleCops, I helped found the 1st Responders, people trained to assist in malware removal. In 2004, I started writing a series of weekly articles for the CC front page, that became the Windows Security Checklist. The WSC went like hotcakes all over the world and was reprinted at many web sites. It earned me the MVP Award in Consumer (Windows) Security for 2006. The book, "Rootkits For Dummies" sprang from two articles I wrote for the WSC. Wiley Publishing Ltd. invited me to write it. A great many Staff at CC helped bring it to fruition, including my co-author Nancy Altholz without whom the book would not have been completed. She's an expert's expert.

CastleCops closed its doors, so I am continuing my development and work in Windows and Internet Security at SpywareHammer, a web site developed by the core Staff from CC simply because we work together so very well. We wanted to maintain our previous associations, and SpywareHammer is certainly proving to be a success. Thanks for reading and all the best!